Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year! ♥

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Hello 2011. Its already 2011..Gosh it only feels like it was 2008 yesterday.
Since it's the New Year I've made couple of New Years Resoultion which I'm hoping to stick to.
I had my good and bad times in 2010 with everything in my life such as career, job, friendships, and much more. Friendship ended with couple of my very close friends, had money trouble, unsure about what to do with my career. But I'm pretty sure where I am in my life at the moment well actually kind of.

New Year:
2011 Resoultion:
  • Be organised
  • Concentrate and complete my assignment at college as I only have five months left and also making most of it with my girlies.
  • Revise like mad for my maths and science exam.
  • Be more lady like :).
  • Spend my money wisely.
  • Charity
  • Im really shy, so be confident.
  • Start doing my driving again and finding the right driving instructor for the fourth time.
  • And last but not least:blog more and keeping all my lovely followers happy.
Anyways hope you all said bye to 2010 in style and said hello to a new year.

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