Sunday, 23 January 2011

Weekly Update #3: Super Sunday Post: ♥

#1. Had a exam on Wednesday and I'm not happy at the fact that I didn't get to finish it all. One hour to answer nine long question is just not enough.

#2. I'm skint and waiting for pay day is not good.. I've had to wait five-to-six weeks because of the Christmas period. But I get paid this week hopefully. 

#3. Sorry about the lack of blogging again! But I promise to do at least three-to-four this week. I PROMISE! :)

#4. I've got forty pairs of shoes.. this includes heels, boots, flats. I love shoes but I don't think that's enough.

#5. Got loads of dresses, and shoes added to my blog shop..check it out and happy shopping!

Did you get up to anything interesting this week?


  1. When it comes to shoes, no number is enough! Sorry about your exam. I hate not being able to finish but you never know, what you did do may be enough for you to have done well :) I had two exams this week as well but I don't want to think about how I did; I'm just glad it's over! x

  2. Cute pic!

  3. i love that photo :) so cute!

  4. Go for more shoes, every girl hides a cinderella syndrome deep inside, they are so feminine!

    Kisses, Froso from Style Nirvana.


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