Monday, 31 January 2011

Lookbook: January Favourite ♥

Its the last day of this month 31/01/2011.
I have simply chosen my favourite outfits from Lookbook for this months.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Necklaces ♥

If you remember reading my 'Week 1: Super Sunday' post, you will remember when I said about some vintage necklace I brought. Well here's a time for me to share it with you all.

I've also ordered loads of other necklaces, if you would like to buy one let me know so I can reserve it for you.

Do you like it?

Weekly Update #4: Super Sunday Post: ♥

#1. I received my necklaces this week. So excited that I've worn two of the necklaces this week . Probably tomorrow I'll post a blog on the pretty necklaces as I wont be busy tomorrow.

#2. Got paid this week, which only means one thing 'Shop, shop.. till I drop'. Brought couple of this such as play suit, dresses, rings shoes etc.

#3. Went to watch Black Swam this week. I would personally say the movie was okay but good. It was inappropriate at times though. i would rate it 3.5/5.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

KG Electric Black Courts Platform ♥

I saw these lovely boots seen on the beautiful 'Georgia Kakoulli' Blog.
Here are some of Georgia pretty outfits worn with the KG Electric Black Courts Platform.
Are you ready to see the most beautiful shoes ever I've come across!

The shoes was also worn by one of my favourite singer:

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Weekly Update #3: Super Sunday Post: ♥

#1. Had a exam on Wednesday and I'm not happy at the fact that I didn't get to finish it all. One hour to answer nine long question is just not enough.

#2. I'm skint and waiting for pay day is not good.. I've had to wait five-to-six weeks because of the Christmas period. But I get paid this week hopefully. 

#3. Sorry about the lack of blogging again! But I promise to do at least three-to-four this week. I PROMISE! :)

#4. I've got forty pairs of shoes.. this includes heels, boots, flats. I love shoes but I don't think that's enough.

#5. Got loads of dresses, and shoes added to my blog shop..check it out and happy shopping!

Did you get up to anything interesting this week?

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cream Review ♥

I have very bad 'DRY Skin' and I've actually used all type of cream's for my dry skin condition such as E45, Cocoa Butter, Johnson, Vaseline, Aveeno.. and many more.

I can actually say I've found a cream that's perfect for my 'dry skin'. 
The cream excellent, has a lovely smell.
I've used it for couple of months and I've seen a BIG difference, if you do have dry skin this is one the best cream I recommend. You should try it out.

Brand: Ponds
Cream Name: Hydronourishing (50ml)
Average Price: £3.99 
Rating: 5 out of 5

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Weekly Update #2: Super Sunday Post: ♥

(Sorry: Image is simlar to last week i've been busy with revision)

#1. Firstly a BIG thank you to my lovely new follows.. I've got ten followers which makes me really happy and also thanks to everyone, who leaves me lovely comments. Thank you to all.  I do check all my comments and return one back! 

#2. Got a exam coming up so i'm revising more and less blogging.

#3. I got a email from UCAS saying 'your updates have changed'.. as I signed in and checked I found out I got a interview for Edge Hill university for Feb 9th. I'm kind of excited but nervous and need to start planning an outfit for the interview. Eeek!

#4. One of my friend had her interview for Edge Hill university, so I went along with her as a support on Wednesday. I really liked the atmosphere of Edge Hill and lovely people.

#5. I got my laser done on my face today.I reached my last appointment on Friday and signed up for an unlimited one this time which means I can go as many time as I want for 15 months...lets just say it cost ALOT! But it really works and I recommend it to all if your deciding to get rid of hair from your face.

Hope you all had a wonderful week.
Did you get up to much?

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Weekly Update #1: Super Sunday Post: ♥

Welcome to my first ever 'Super Sunday Post ♥'

#1. Did three shifts this week at work and I'm so tired and looking forward to next week as I only have to do two shifts.

#2. Went back to college after a month off Christmas holiday and lets just say not the best feeling ever, although I got to see my girlie's.

#3. Hurray! I completed my main assignment for my course, which was due in on 5/1/2010 and I completed it. After many months of working hard, I'm so glad its over with and time to focus on my other assignments. 

#4. Had really bad spots on my face which I'm not happy about :(

#5. Brought some amazing necklace from ebay which I will post once I receive it.

(Changing few bits and bobs and my blog.. but it will be running smooth by next sunday)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Peter Pan: Collar Dress ♥

Have you seen all the beautiful dresses at the moment in style? Well I've actually fallen in love with the dresses.
The dresses are called 'Peter Pan Dress' as you probably know. 
Theses dresses are perfect for day wear and for a nice meal out. I've selected some of my favourite one's and the Peter Pan Collar Dresses worn by celebrities.
 Also visit SHOPSTYLE for more Peter Pan Collar Dress.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Something to get me started for 2011 ♥

One of my Resoulation for 2011 is to be oraganised.
Well when i was at my placement for four months as part of my course on my last day, one of the child gave me this really cute diary and key ring set which is adroable.
I got a small diary and a key ring...I thought ahh I can make use of this in 2011. This is gonna be really useful as its gonna help me to be organised with college, work, socially and everything else in general.


Brand: Hugs.
Set of: Diary & Keyring
(All images in this post is taken by me)

Happy New Year! ♥

Visit Daily Deals
Hello 2011. Its already 2011..Gosh it only feels like it was 2008 yesterday.
Since it's the New Year I've made couple of New Years Resoultion which I'm hoping to stick to.
I had my good and bad times in 2010 with everything in my life such as career, job, friendships, and much more. Friendship ended with couple of my very close friends, had money trouble, unsure about what to do with my career. But I'm pretty sure where I am in my life at the moment well actually kind of.

New Year:
2011 Resoultion:
  • Be organised
  • Concentrate and complete my assignment at college as I only have five months left and also making most of it with my girlies.
  • Revise like mad for my maths and science exam.
  • Be more lady like :).
  • Spend my money wisely.
  • Charity
  • Im really shy, so be confident.
  • Start doing my driving again and finding the right driving instructor for the fourth time.
  • And last but not least:blog more and keeping all my lovely followers happy.
Anyways hope you all said bye to 2010 in style and said hello to a new year.