Sunday, 13 February 2011

Weekly Update #6: Super Sunday Post ♥

#1. I've really enjoyed this week.. Just going shopping and going different places with friends and families.  

#2. Guess WHO I met this week! Cat (one of the twins) from 'TAKE ME OUT'. I met her at Uclan university where I went with my sister and took a picture with her.. also found out she works at 'New Look' six stores away from where I work. I saw her today aswell when I went to buy a dress from New Look. 
She's a lovely and friendly girl.

#3. Went to the Edge Hill University interview on Wednesday. I was so nervous not to sure if I did good in the interview. I'm still confused whether to go uni or do the the four year course with my current college or go straight into work. I've still got about 7 months to decide though.. hmm.

#4. Brought more clothes this week.. which I really need to post. So busy that I don't get time to blog. Also went out to eat with my sisters yesterday 'sisterlove'.

#5. If you follow Lauren's Dressing Room then you will know, she's having a bloggers and followers meet up. I might be going if i'm not working on the weekend. Kind of excited to go and meet all the inspired bloggers.

#5. Also check my Ebay items up for sale. If you do like anything let me know. Happy Bidding!

#6. I dyed my hair for the FIRST time ever on Friday night. From really dark brown hair(black) to light brown. Its light brown as I want it so gonna dye it next weekend again.

#7. If you would like a REQUEST of anything: shoes, bags etc. Let me know.


  1. I should hopefully be going to the meet up. I saw your link on Laurens email so thought I would follow you. Ive never been to a meet up before i'm rather nervous. I'm @sarahseesall on twitter if you would like to follow me :)

  2. Oooh you need to post some pictures of the clothes you bought :)

    You've got 7 moths to decide about uni so try not to worry too much about it, lovely. xx


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