Friday, 11 February 2011

Leona Lewis: New Look ♥

This week Leona Lewis stepped out in three different outfits, which you wouldn't really think she would wear. Her new look has changed compared her previous ones and I would say its something different.
I think she pulled the outfits but if I personal saw the outfits my first reaction would be Ewww! 
Leona Lewis New Look (Now)

Before (Outfits)

Do you like her recent (Now) outfit or previous (Before) one?
What do you think of her new look and would you wear something like this?


  1. Wow, it's definitely a very bold look. I think I preferred her old look, it was much more glamourous and suited her personality a lot more. But it's good that shes experimenting with her style and she looks great in everything! :)

  2. Agree vith Alex... But she is really hot and looks good in everything, I like her new hair! :D

  3. Wow it is a big change and not for the good:/

  4. I prefer her old look, i think it suited her a lot better than this new look. She seems to have lost weight too

  5. Hmmm - that's ..interesting!
    It;s very bright and bold, which I love, but I'm not so sure, in the 3rd picture it looks like someone decided to stick a yellow bow on the front to preserve her modesty! :S
    I think I prefer her "before" look as its more sleek and elegant. And the "new" look is, lets just say, "flaunting her assests! :P

  6. i think the look its great just shows how summer will look gd on you LEONNAAAA!!!1


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