Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Rings ♥

Color: Green / Red / Black

I'm selling these rings soon, I've got loads about 10-15 of each. If you like it then let me know ASAP so I can save yours.

Each ring cost up to £4.
You can multi-buy aswell.

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  1. LOVE these! Emailing you now lovely!x

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  3. Wow those are pretty sweet! what other colours do you have? x

  4. i LOVE these rings! ahh i might have to buy one of these :) X

  5. OOh i like it so much the red one!!
    I'm started to follow you


  6. Such lovely rings! Wow they are beautiful. Great blog - I'm following! Pleas Have a look at mine and follow me back if you like it! thanks, ^___^


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