Thursday, 3 March 2011

Lookbook: February Favourite ♥

February ended on 28/02/2011 and I forgot to post this.

I have simply chosen my favourite outfits from Lookbook for this months.
Which outfit is your favourite?

Girls in line 1:
Rockie Nolan: Lookbook - Blog  
Beka Dale: Lookbook - Blog
Lily Melrose: Lookbook - Blog
Girls in line 2:
Mayo Wo: Lookbook - Blog
Olivia Harrison: Lookbook 
Iris: Lookbook - Blog
Girls in line 3: 
Tricia Gosingtian: Lookbook - Blog
Andy T: Lookbook - Blog
Cosette Munch: Lookbook - Blog


  1. Really nice outfits you've chosen; I can definitely see a colour theme going on! I LOVE Tricia's outfit (first on line 3) so much. It's a perfect outfit - the colour of the dress, the way the lace on the tights is showing and huge wedges! x

  2. I could definitely see myself in the line1-pic1 and line2-pic2 outfits - so nice!


  3. Out of these looks Tricia Gosingtain's is my favourite! So simple, yet stunning! Although all the girls look gorgeous, love all their outfits! :D

  4. outfit number 8 for sure is my fave!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog!xxxxxxx

  5. definitely the whole middle row and the middle one on the bottom row! love that maxi skirt. x

  6. Very good post...It makes me wish I was young & hip again. lol

  7. Bottom right is my favourite! great blog, I'm now following- thanks for following me too! Drop by soon

    Where the wild things might be...

  8. i love the outfits of lily melrose and bekah dale. so pretty!

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