Monday, 16 May 2011

Lookbook: April Favourite ♥

I have simply chosen my favourite outfits from Lookbook for last months.
Which outfit is your favourite?

Girls in line 1:
Carly M: Lookbook - Blog
Kristina Bazan: Lookbook - Blog
Girls in line 2:
? ? ? (UNKNOWN)
Girls in line 3:
Clare Astra Morris: Lookbook - Blog
Tala S: Lookbook - Blog
Sarah B: Lookbook  - Blog

I've changed my blog NAME: from 'ohsopetite' to 'fashion-geek'
Do you like the new name?


  1. These are all such great look! they have me longing for warm weather again!

    The Flower Girl

  2. I love the first and third outfit. This is what I would wear. :)

    TBH I prefer the ohsopetite name... Don't be angry... It's just it's so unique and original - that's how I found your blog - and I've already seen "fashion geek" names. ;) X

  3. I seriously need that zara midi! :o x

  4. I love Sarah B's outfit most of all, but they are all amazing!


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